General Procedures & Code of Conduct

To ensure that you and every one else staying at the lodge has a enjoyable time the SCEG committee advises that the following guidelines will be engaged by the Management Team.

  • Meals are served at the following times. A cooked breakfast can be ordered between 7am and 9am. Evening meal for children is served at 6pm and adults at 7pm. The lodge manager will advise if time is to be adjusted and please advise the manager if you expect to be late or not present for dinner.
  • Night Skiing is held on the Big D every Wednesday and Saturday evenings. If you are going night skiing our manager can organise for you to dine with the children . Time to be advised.
  • For safety reasons, throughout the winter season the kitchen is out of bounds to all persons except the lodge managers, hired kitchen staff and members of the SCEG house committee.
  • For security of your snow equipment please ensure the main down stairs entry door has been closed behind you.
  • All members and guests must ensure appropriate supervision for their children at all times including the control of their behaviour. No child under the age of 12 years is to be left in the lodge without active adult supervision.
  • All children under the age of 12 years must be supervised by an adult during all meal times.
  • Check in to your room is 2pm and check out is 10am. The lodge manager can assist you with safe storage of your baggage so please don’t hesitate to ask.
  • For the comfort and adequate rest of all who are enjoying the facilities at SCEG we request that:
    • you keep noise in the lounge area to a minimum after 10pm.
    • there is no noise in the bedroom corridors before 7am and after 7pm. This includes children in your care.
    • If you have enjoyed a night out on the mountain please be mindful of guests that maybe asleep upon your return.
  • For the Safety of all guests please ensure when coming back to lodge for a break that all your groups skis, poles and boards etc are located away from the entrance of the lodge or the path leading to the front door.
  • The lodge manager and / or adult members of SCEG will manage the open fire in the lounge.
  • The dart board in the lower lounge cannot be used by children unless they are under the direct supervision of an adult. The lodge manager will expect that the supervising adult will be responsible for the darts. (Guests to supply own darts)
  • For the safety of all guests please be aware to advise children of the dangers of snow shedding from the lodge roof and playing near icy slopes.
  • Have an enjoyable, relaxing time at SCEG, enjoy the snow and if you have any concerns please speak to the lodge manager.


This is a set of rules for all kids under 12 years of age who are staying at SCEG

(For grown-ups too!)

  • You must have a great time with lots of fun in the snow.
  • Play in the snow every day. (remember to stay away from the side of the house or you may turn into a snowman)
  • Tea time in the dining room is at 6pm. Grab mum or dad so they can eat your left overs and don’t let any adults in unless they are helping you. When the adults eat at 7pm please leave them alone.
  • Night skiing is really cool and happens on the Big D every Wednesday and Saturday night so be ready to have your tea early at 5.30pm.
  • You must not enter the kitchen at all as it is a danger area.
  • We have an open fire in the lounge area and this is out of bounds- don’t touch it. Sorry no toasting marshmallows.
  • All the bedrooms are private areas and people maybe sleeping so
  • Don’t enter another person’s bedroom unless you have permission.
  • Don’t play or make noise in the bedroom corridors after 7pm or before 7am. Anytime in the morning before skiing shhhhhh some of our friends are still sleeping.
  • Please respect all people staying at the lodge so that everybody has a great time.
  • The lower lounge is the area for your computer games and movies. The upper lounge in front of the fire is a quiet area.
  • No outside shoes or running in the lodge.

Please make sure you leave the ski room and drying room neat and tidy. If you need a hand ask mum or dad.